Source Connection uses video to raise funds online and offline

In November we produced a Simple Video Report for Dutch NGO Source Connection about their drinking water project in Zambia. They showed the video during a charity dinner and used it to showcase their project online to raise funds.

The video was made for a charity dinner in Amsterdam and during that evening €11.745,- was raised. Stichting Wilde Ganzen and NCDO raised this amount to €25.000. The video was also posted on their project page of the 1%CLUB-website where another €4250 was collected for new projects.
Dorine Veldhuyzen of Source Connection explains: “Every NGO depends on the involvement, generosity and trust of donors. It helps a lot when a video concretely portrays the problems, challenges and results achieved. However it is especially essential when the story is told by the people benefiting from the project, about what it’s like for them. Talking about Africa is totally different then showing the project and hearing the people in Mandia talking about their situation.”
About the cooperation with Africa Interactive Dorine says: “We were happy with Africa Interactive and their expertise on bringing a message across in an effective and concise manner. Their effort to finish the video in time for a big event plus the quality of the delivered product. We recommend them for every NGO active in Africa!”

View the video:

One response to “Source Connection uses video to raise funds online and offline

  1. This is some amazing stuff I hope you guys continue in your fundraising efforts and really make a diffrence.

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