Trips to London and Nairobi (and the volcanic eruption)

Last week Africa Interactive went abroad. Tchitula Teuns and Peter Vlam went to London to explore new possibilities with new organisations. Pieter van Twisk went to Nairobi to meet with A24, The Nation Multimedia Group, many freelancers and other interesting people. Especially getting to know ‘our’ film maker Ken Odhiambo better was very promising for the future.

In London Peter and Tchitula met with Chatham House, Medicin sans Frontiere, CDC, Africa Practice and The Guardian. They had very inspiring and promising meetings. All named organizations seek ways to showcase their activities in Africa more prominent. It would be wonderful if we could bring the impact of these organizations more to the spot light, while at the same time increasing the capacity of local media professionals in Africa.

Not only meeting with these organizations was exciting by the way, also getting back to The Netherlands was quite an adventure. Due to the volcanic eruption in Iceland, airports were closed. Luckily, after three extra days in London, they found a ferry that took them back home to Amsterdam!

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