Africa Interactive shortlisted for Spark Africa Series at Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards!

Diageo today announced the finalists in the seventh annual awards ceremony following a record number of entries.

Spark Africa is selected in the category New Media.

The best of African business journalism will go into the final of the Diageo Africa Business Reporting Awards.

Spark Africa is an independent video series (20 episodes) focused on business and innovation in Africa.

More than 750 entries were received from 20 countries across Africa and the rest of the world. A panel of eminent judges will now select the winners of each category, who will be announced at a gala ceremony in London on Thursday 1st July, 2010.

All Spark Africa items are produced by African media professionals (research, presenters, camera men/women). They produced this series in cooperation and on behalf of Africa Interactive (editing, script writing, coordination, financing). It is our vision to work with local reporters.

The series is published on leading Dutch websites like,, and Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Each week we reach thousands of viewers.

Spark Africa is paid for by the Dutch NCDO. This organisation involves people in the Netherlands in international cooperation.

The video reportages are a mix of portraits of African inventors, investors, Dutch entrepreneurs in Africa and entrepreneurs. Spark Africa highlights entrepreneurship in Africa and aims at showing viewers a different perspective on Africa.

We produced items on the fashion industry in Mali, the Zazu horn in South Africa and the bee sector in Ethiopia – to name a few.

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