Emile Schmitz has joined Africa Interactive

We are happy to announce that Emile Schmitz has joined Africa Interactive. Emile will be strengthening our team in Amsterdam as Marketing Manager. Emile is a curious and creative marketer who is a strong believer in the rise of the African continent and the strengths of the African people.

About Emile: Emile earned his Master degree in International Management (Marketing-track) at Maastricht University. Emile worked with Philips and Vodafone and then decided to travel the world for 1.5 years and to work with NGO’s in Nepal and Uganda. Back home, Emile soon started working with Beagle, a creative marketing agency based in Amsterdam and co-founded Relevance Group. The last four years, Emile worked with multinationals to create relevant and remarkable innovations and brands not only for Western markets, but increasingly also for developing and emerging markets (‘Base of the Pyramid’).

Emile is a sports-junkie and loves to play squash, cycle, run and snowboard.

Emile is eager to, together with the team and our network, grow Africa Interactive even more and help companies better understand and serve the African markets. You can reach him at emile@africanews.com

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