‘World champion of Africa’ now on Dutch television

In 6 episodes of 50 minutes, former football player, writer and TV personality Jan Mulder and writer Abdelkader Benali are traveling through Africa to discover what football means for people in Africa.

In the first episode they visited Ghana. Afterwards they went to South Africa, Ivory Coast, Mali and Morocco. Through football they want to understand more what people in these countries drives. Football as a methaphor of life.

Just a few highlights of this series: In Ghana they visit Abedi Pele, in South Africa they talk to a guard at Robbenisland who organised football matches, in Ivory Coast to speak with the parents of Didier Drogba, In Mali a talented football player explains how he tried to reach Europe through the desert and in Morocco they learn from a female football commentator.

Africa Interactive is the co-producer (ideas, research, stringers, fixers) of this series. Media production company De Haaien produced the series on behalf of Dutch broadcaster NPS.

More information: wereldkampioen van afrika.

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