Africa Interactive wins Diageo Africa Business Reporting Award

Left to right: Bertil van Vugt, Peter Vlam (Africa Interactive) and Nick Blazquez (MD Diageo Africa)

Africa Interactive was awarded the Diageo Africa Business Reporting Award 2010 in London yesterday evening. Our series ‘Spark Africa’ won in the category ‘New Media’. Spark Africa is an independent video series (20 episodes) focused on business and innovation in Africa.

Now in its seventh year, the Diageo Awards are a celebration of journalists and news organisations who have gone the extra mile to promote the African continent. This year a record 770 entries were received, demonstrating increased reporting and competition in these Awards.

Winners from the eleven categories came from nine different countries, including winner of Media of the Year, which went to Business Day in Nigeria. Peter Guest, editor of This is Africa, was named as Journalist of the Year and the Best Newcomer title was awarded to South African Gemma Ware, writing for The Africa Report. A full list of winners can be found here.

All Spark Africa items are produced by African media professionals (research, presenters, camera men/women). They produced this series in cooperation and on behalf of Africa Interactive (editing, script writing, coordination, financing). It is our vision to work with local reporters.

The series is published on leading Dutch websites like,, and Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Each week we reach thousands of viewers.

Spark Africa is paid for by the Dutch NCDO. This organisation involves people in the Netherlands in international cooperation.

The video reportages are a mix of portraits of African inventors, investors, Dutch entrepreneurs in Africa and entrepreneurs. Spark Africa highlights entrepreneurship in Africa and aims at showing viewers a different perspective on Africa.

We produced items on the fashion industry in Mali, the Zazu horn in South Africa and the bee sector in Ethiopia – to name a few.

5 responses to “Africa Interactive wins Diageo Africa Business Reporting Award

  1. Congratulations all of you and especialy Bertil van Vugt.

  2. This how we roll. Congratulations. It is just the beggining. Watch out

  3. Way to go guys. Many aim at the sky as their limit, we should aim above the sky and this award is what comes with such aims.

  4. Well,I am very proud as a young journalist who took part as a researcher and interviewer hence coveterd Diageo Africa Business Award 2010. I congratulates my colleagues of Africa Interactive in other Africa countries and also the lead Executive Producers Bertil van Vugt,Peter Vlam,Pieter Van Twiesk and entire management at the head office of Africa Interactive in Holland.

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