DISCOP Ghana: African TV content in high demand

With over 400 TV channels, 50 pay-TV platforms, 300 million mobile and 70 million Internet users, delivering video content to 700 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa has recently grown at a particularly rapid pace. Every year DISCOP Africa brings TV producers and channels together under one roof. The 2011 edition took place between 9 and 11 February in Accra, Ghana.

Bertil van Vugt from Africa Interactive was present at DISCOP Africa to present different ideas together with our partner FCCE, a Dutch production company specialized in Hollywood content and other television series. Together we launched our series ‘Films and Stars Africa‘, focused on the best from Hollywood and Nigeria’s Nollywood as well as movies from other African countries. The other series ‘Spark Africa‘, ‘Aid or Trade?‘ and cooking progamme ‘Taste Africa‘ were very well received by many African channels.

During the event Bertil made a videoreport together with Ghanaian cameraman Paul Sowah. They spoke with different participants about their experiences at DISCOP.

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