Examples: Recent work of Africa Interactive

Recently our great team at Africa Interactive has finished several video-productions for many different clients. We are working with local journalists, photographers and camera-crews all over the African continent (and beyond). An overview of our recent work:


Nuffic asked Africa Interactive to visit four alumni in Uganda, Colombia and India to see how they’ve benefited from their studies in the Netherlands.

Nuffic is the Netherlands organization for international cooperation in higher education. As an independent, non-profit organization based in The Hague, the Netherlands, Nuffic supports internationalization in higher education, research and professional education in the Netherlands and abroad, and helps improve access to higher education worldwide.

Philips Healthcare

For Philips we created a website and videos about their second Cape Town to Cairo Roadshow. Philips is once again traveling across Africa to raise awareness about how healthcare and lighting solutions can improve the quality of life across the continent. The Cape Town to Cairo road show 2011 takes place from 12th May to 11th July, 2011 and covers 12,000 kilometers in 62 days, visiting a total of twelve countries.


For Dutch innovators TNO we created a video about their development cooperation programme in India, Ghana and Uganda.

Stichting DOEN/African Parks

For Stichting DOEN we made a short documentary about the ‘newconomy’ approach of African Parks in Malawi. In this video two craftsman are portrayed, who explain about the changes in their lives and in the communities.

Novartis Foundation

For the Swiss Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development we made several videos in the Ségou region in Mali about their efforts to improve access to primary healthcare.

Series: Aid or Trade?

Our new series Aid or Trade? taps into the discussion between aid-sceptics that reject aid and strongly promote trade, and the aid-proponents that distrust commercial initiatives and call for more aid. This series chooses an optimistic and nuanced perspective and shows successful combinations and collaborations. Commercial initiatives can be more social and aid can be more sustainable with a business approach.

In each of the 20 episodes, a high-potential or successful initiative is shown, often a collaboration between public and private sector organisations. In the summer of 2011 we will create English versions of all the episodes.

Are you interested in working with us? Please contact Emile Schmitz: emile [at] africa-interactive.com or Tchitula Teuns: tchitula [at] africa-interactive.com

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