Our series ‘Aid or Trade?’ shown on Dutch TV-station RTLZ

This month the Dutch business channel RTLZ is showing our series ‘Aid or Trade?’. This programme taps into the current discussion between aid-skeptics who reject aid and strongly promote trade, and the aid-proponents that distrust commercial initiatives and call for even more aid.

‘Aid or Trade?’ shows that aid is no longer about transferring money or shipping goods. It’s rather about setting up sustainable companies, while taking into account local constraints and the environment. The programme highlights high-potential or successful initiatives often collaboration between NGO’s private, and public sector organizations.

View the first 4 (out of 5) episodes online.

This series shows an optimistic and nuanced perspective and portrays successful combinations and collaborations. Commercial initiatives can be more social and aid can be more sustainable with a business approach.

All items of ‘Aid or Trade?’ are produced by African media professionals (research, presenters, camera men/women). They produced this series in cooperation and on behalf of Africa Interactive. It is Africa Interactive’s vision to work with local reporters.

Until Friday 26 August ‘Aid or Trade?’ is shown at these times at RTLZ: Monday: 11.20, Tuesday: 13.20, Wednesday: 15.40, Thursday: 09.20, Friday: 10.20

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