We are also working in Asia and Latin America!

In the past 5 years we have been working in many African countries. Our network of highly skilled local content producers has grown from a handful to over 2000 professionals. Driven by our clients demand, we’ve expanded our network also outside the African continent resulting in an increasing amount of productions in Asia and Latin-America.

Many of our clients (NGOs, multinationals and governments) are working in developing countries all across the world, not just in Africa. Therefore in the past years we have made video and photo productions in countries like Colombia, Brazil, Paraguay, India, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

As always we believe in local capacity and therefore work with local video-producers, photographers and journalists. As you are reading this post, we are quickly building our network outside the African continent. So if you are looking for content from Africa, Latin America or Asia let us know!

Below you can find two examples of recent productions in India and Colombia:

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