Showcasing Cordaid’s health care projects in Ghana

Cordaid, the Dutch Catholic Organisation for Relief and Development Aid, and Africa Interactive have recently finished 11 videos that show the stories of numerous Ghanaian women whilst pregnant or just after they became a mother.

A Ghanaian crew, consisting of a cameraman, reporter and video-editor produced the videos in close collaboration with our Amsterdam office. Our local Accra-based crew traveled many miles, flying from North to South, in order to film women in rural areas and capture their experience with healthcare.

The focus lies on pregnant women and the challenges they face during their pregnancy and delivery. Having a baby in Ghana can be very risky, especially when you are living in rural or under-served communities.

In the different videos women speak about hospitals being under-equipped in staff and not being able to provide them the services they need. And that’s where Cordaid comes in with different healthcare focused projects.

In total Africa Interactive filmed 6 health care projects to show the progress that is made and the needs for the future. We made different edits of this material summing up to 11 videos in total.


One very colorful video about bracelets stood out. The video tells about Ghanaian women from rural communities that came up with the idea to wear different colored bracelets during their pregnancy.

With each pregnancy check they get a different color bracelet; red, yellow and green. The latter meaning they’re nearly ready for delivery. “Red means stop, yellow means get ready, green means; go, go, go!”

The bracelets are easy to see, women like wearing them and they are encouraged to go for regular check ups at the hospital. Director from the Diocesan Health Service of Goaso, Peter Yeboah, explains: ”The bracelet idea is intended to reduce avoidable maternal deaths in the system and improve antenatal care attendance at the hospital… we recorded almost 13 percent reductions of maternal deaths from 2008 until now. I think that’s a huge success.”

Watch the video about bracelets for pregnant women below:

Or visit Cordaid’s website to watch other videos from this series.

Africa Interactive

Africa Interactive works with a vast network of local media professionals across the African continent (and Asia and Latin America). In this case we compiled a team of a cameraman, journalist and video-editor in Ghana who have produced these videos in cooperation with our Amsterdam office. From start to finish we have been working on these 11 videos from October to February.

If you are interested in receiving more information about how we work, please contact us via +31 20 423 166 or visit our website

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