Participatory video highlights work of the Trust Fund for Victims in DRC and Northern Uganda

Many have seen the ‘KONY2012’ video in the past month. In terms of reach and spread through social media it was an unprecedented success with over 100 million views. But in terms of the type of production it was definitely not ‘Africa Interactive’ style.

How we would do it? Together with the Trust Fund for Victims (TFV) of the International Court of Criminals, we embarked on a journey to produce a very engaging video documentary on the highly relevant work of the TFV in Eastern Congo and Northern Uganda (also providing support to the victims of Joseph Kony’s Lord’s Resistance Army).

Since 2008, the TFV has been supporting victims of crimes under the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court. This documentary highlights a small selection of our work with victims and affected communities in both countries.

Innovative collaboration

It was a great and innovative collaboration in which we had one of our best local teams visit the areas to interview stakeholders and to give video training to the local community. This ‘participatory video’ process enabled the victims to freely report on their experiences and feel empowered to film and report about them. So no flying in of Western crews and showing Western opinions, but going as local as possible to hear their stories.

The result is one of the most impressive productions we produced so far. It made impact in our edit suite and outside on several (fundraising) meetings. Thanks to the TFV for the great collaboration. You can take a look at the video here:

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